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Trail Cleanup Day Set for Daingerfield State Park


Trail Cleanup Day Set for Daingerfield State Park

Daingerfield, TX— Daingerfield State Park is hosting the Second Annual Trail Cleanup Day on Saturday (Mar 3). We need volunteers for this important event. The park’s Rustling Leaves Trail winds through the old growth forest around Lake Daingerfield for about 2.5 miles. This trail has been a favorite for visitors to the park for almost 80 years. The Mountain View Trail is one of the unique paths found in East Texas. This trail begins near the lake and meanders to one of the highest points in this part of Texas. The grand vista views overlooking the hills and valleys below cause hikers to ask the question, “Where am I – East Texas?” Tens of thousands of hikers have experienced the beauty of Daingerfield State Park on these paths. Like any humanmade feature, maintenance is required for hikers to gain maximum benefit. Our trails are no exception to this rule. Trail erosion is resulting from the many footprints, deadfall limbs and trees and vegetative overgrowth results in need for this planned special volunteer day. In addition to the primary trail maintenance activities and with the help of volunteers, we will be adding twenty-five new directional and information signs to our trail system to improve the visitor experience.

If you, your family, Boy Scout Troop or other civic organization is looking for a fun-filled day of meaningful volunteer work, meeting new people, learning new skills and just being outside getting healthier exercising in the great outdoors, this event is for you! The park staff will provide all participants with safety glasses and gloves. All volunteers should wear sturdy shoes or work boots, long pants and long sleeve shirts for the work environment. Don’t forget bottled water and snacks for the workday. We will have Dutch oven samples provided by cooks from the Little Pine Friends of Daingerfield State Park at noon for all the participants (please bring a sack lunch because food may be limited depending on event participants). Safety orientation and work assignments will be at 8:30 am and 1:00 pm at the park’s historic Pavilion. We will have two work periods; 8:30 am to noon and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. You may choose one or both of these work periods. A trained Park Ranger will lead all work parties.

Volunteers that love to camp will be given a free weekend of camping for the weekend of March 2 in exchange for eight hours of volunteer service per campsite. Day-use volunteers will have free entry into the park with 3.5 hours of volunteer labor per person. For more information or to reserve your free weekend of camping, please call Daingerfield State Park’s Headquarters at 903-645-2921 to book your site. Campsites are limited so call and reserve yours today.

For more information on this or other events and programs at Daingerfield State Park, please visit our Facebook page or call (903) 645-2921.