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Tttus County Home Town Heroes

Chapel Hill Food Distribution

Chapel Hill Digital Resource Distribution

COVID-19 Hometown Heroes: 

 Put Our Educators at the Top of the List

Titus County school boards, administrators are making heroic efforts, faculty, and staff to keep students learning, fed, and feeling connected to their schools here at home during a global incident. 

From serving thousands of meals each school day by delivery or at pick up to swiftly transitioning to online and remote learning, the response to COVID-19 by the Mount Pleasant, Chapel Hill, Harts Bluff, and Rivercrest educational community has been extraordinary. 

“Our responsibility to serve students and their families does not cease because of this virus,” said Judd Marshall, Superintendent of Schools, Mount Pleasant ISD. “COVID-19 has caused many stresses on our community as a whole. But, we will do the very best we can to serve kids breakfast and lunch during the weekdays while providing instruction to all students in the most efficient manner possible.”

“It is great to see how teachers, staff, and everyone is working together, said Bobby Rice, Superintendent of Harts Bluff Schools. “Students and parents need to know and trust that this is something we will get through together.”

“I am impressed and so proud of how the Rivercrest community family has responded to a situation that has taken us all out of our comfort zone,” said Stanley Jessee, Superintendent of Rivercrest ISD. “Everyone has joined hands to make sure we serve the students and met their needs. Although our world is quickly changing around us, we are going to continue to make the needed adjustments.”

“Everyday educators are blessed with the unique opportunity to serve students, families, and our community,” added Marc Levesque, Superintendent of Chapel Hill ISD. “So it does not come as a surprise that when our school board, administrators, faculty, and staff were presented with this unexpected life challenge, they have presented their love for the community in powerful ways.” 

 Just of few of those powerful ways include:

*The numbers climb daily, but by mid-week this week, Mount Pleasant ISD had served by delivery or picked up 8,078 breakfast meals and 8,078 lunch meals for a total of 16,156 meals.

*Harts Bluff has delivered electronic devices to students who needed them to access online learning and while also serving 2,400 breakfast and lunch meals from March 25 to March 31. If you want to check out what online learning looks like, go www.hbisd.net, and click on HB at HOME.

*Chapel Hill has so far distributed 611 computers and 250 internet MiFi devices. Families can reach out to the email hotline: wecare@chisddevils.com for guidance from mental health counselors, social workers, administrators, teachers, translators, and volunteers.

*Rivercrest has served 3,000 meals and is issuing Chromebooks and Internet hotspots to students who need them to access online learning.

*The Chapel Hill School Board also implemented an employee stimulus program to give back to the local businesses that faithfully support the surrounding school districts. Each employee received $200 to spend at local businesses. Additionally, the school district has been ordering meals for volunteers from local restaurants. 

“We understand that the power in our community comes from the people,” said Levesque. “And this circumstance, although difficult and unexpected, will make our school districts stronger and better able to serve our community in the future.”