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TxDOT Treated Roads For Weather



ATLANTA — With winter precipitation predicted for Friday, TxDOT’s Atlanta District had trucks out Wednesday and Thursday spraying local major highways, bridges, and overpasses with a brine solution. The solution is a mixture of salt and water that binds to the pavement and helps prevent any precipitation from freezing on the pavement and structures.

Pretreating roadways and bridges with brine have proven to be an effective way to prevent early icing on these facilities. The formula mixes with the precipitation creating a solution that requires much lower temperatures to freeze. The brine solution is also much more environmentally friendly that using rock salt on roadways.

Motorists are reminded to use extreme caution when driving in winter weather and slow down and drive according to conditions. Drivers should never slam on their brakes which can cause the vehicle to begin skidding. If the car starts sliding, the driver should take their foot off the accelerator and turn their steering wheel in the direction they want their vehicle to travel without oversteering.

For you to keep informed on road conditions in Texas, motorists can log onto and can view more winter driving tips at