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Uber Eats Shares What Customers Are Craving During Coronavirus Lockdown

With Americans under coronavirus lockdown across much of the country, people are ordering food in a lot more than usual. Uber Eats said orders are up 30% since mid-March, about when the pandemic was declared a national emergency, and it has the info on what people are craving. The most popular beverages ordered via Uber Eats are soda, Thai iced tea, Horchata, iced coffee, and lemonade. The most popular soups are miso, wonton, hot and sour, egg drop, and chicken. And the most ordered desserts are tiramisu, baklava, cheesecake, banana pudding, and churros. Uber Eats also revealed the most popular takeout dishes ordered in March in 35 states. Two of the most popular? Fries and Pad Thai:

  • Arizona: French fries
  • California: Chicken tikka masala
  • Colorado: Carne asada fries
  • Connecticut: Burrito bowl
  • Florida: French fries
  • Georgia: Pad Thai
  • Hawaii: BBQ mixed plate
  • Illinois: French fries
  • Indiana: Waffle fries
  • Iowa: Large poke bowl
  • Kentucky: Pad Thai
  • Louisiana: Chips with queso
  • Maine: Cheese pazzo bread
  • Maryland: Egg, bacon, and cheese
  • Massachusetts: Burrito
  • Michigan: Pad Thai
  • Minnesota: Garlic naan
  • Missouri: Crab Rangoon
  • Montana: Enchiladas
  • Nevada: Chicken teriyaki bowl
  • New Jersey: Chicken sandwich
  • New York: Jerk chicken
  • North Carolina: Nachos
  • Ohio: Notso fries
  • Oklahoma: Spicy tuna roll
  • Oregon: Fried chicken
  • Pennsylvania: Cheesesteak
  • Rhode Island: Hot dog
  • South Carolina: French fries
  • Tennessee: Pad Thai
  • Texas: Pad Thai
  • Utah: Carne asada fries
  • Virginia: French fries
  • Washington: French fries
  • Wisconsin: Crab Rangoon