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What’s Trending?

  • Phil saw his shadow. According to the legend that means six more weeks of winter weather. Phil is batting .500 since 2008. In Texas, we have Alvin the Armadillo. He stated, “I didn’t see no stinkin’ shadow!”

  • Former NYPD Lt. Joe Cardinale has ordered officers to limit cooperation with ICE. Fox News says it is putting the safety of everybody at risk.

  • The House Democrats say Donald Trump is putting our national security at risk to obscure the Russian investigation, and Chairman Nunes and Congressional Republicans are helping him. Everyone is waiting for the 3-1/2 page GOP and Whitehouse memo alleging abuses of surveillance law.

  • Just a few days into the New Year, Donald Savastano walked into a convenience store in Sydney, NY, and bought a lottery ticket. It was a $1 million ticket. He said, “This is going to change our lives, to tell you the truth.” And then just a little over three weeks later, Savastano died of cancer. He couldn’t afford life insurance before the winnings and hadn’t been feeling well. With the money, Savastano wanted to visit a doctor. That’s when he learned he had Stage 4 lung and brain cancer.