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What’s Trending?

  • Three are missing after a Navy aircraft crashed en route to USS Ronald Reagan. Rescue recovered eight.

  • Another one is on the burner. Detroit Free Press says “John Conyers, Jr., must go. It looks an awful lot like hush money.” Rep. D-Conyer also received sexual harassment allegations against him. Ad his picture to the growing list.

  • FCC’s next step on net neutrality; blocking the states. The repeal itself will be a significant win for the telecommunications industry, which has bristled at what it says are heavy-handed regulations requiring internet service providers like Charter and AT&T to treat all web traffic equally. But blocking states from acting unilaterally would help cement that victory in a policy dispute that has whipsawed for years as the White House changed hands and courts took up the issue.

  • Good Grief! It’s time to watch “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” It airs tonight at 7:00 on ABC.