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What’s Trending?

• Police Departments in Texas are responding to reports of an active shooter at a high school south of Houston in Santa Fe. 8:15 this morning

• Owners kicked a lawyer, who a witness caught on video ranting against Spanish-speaking restaurant workers in NYC, out of his office space. He now faces a complaint from two elected officials.

• Thirty-seven years ago today, the GOES-3 satellite captured an image of Mt St. Helen’s eruption.

• A Florida woman, Angenette Marie Welk, smiles in her mugshot after causing a fatal DUI crash killing a mom and injuring the daughter.

• The 2018 summer temps projections indicate hotter than average conditions across the West. Those in parts of the Southeast and Midwest should expect cooler than average temperatures.

• Here is something to ponder over your weekend. Did frozen octopus eggs travel to Earth on comets? A group of 33 scientists from respected institutions around the world has suggested these bizarre creatures descend from an organic alien material. They are masters of disguise; they camouflage the skin on their failing eight-arm bodies and dive hundreds of feet below the surface of the sea. The intelligent creatures have even been known to predict the odd sports result.