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What’s Trending?

• Democrats are now learning the name of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The 28-year-old just defeated the influential ten-term Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley in a stunning upset. The district is part of the Bronx and Queens NY. Most thought Crowley would be the next House speaker if the Democrats took the House.

• A year and a half after Venezuela kicked a New York Times’ correspondent 0ut of Venezuela, he returned to see how people are holding on as inflation makes buying a single cup of coffee nearly impossible. He threw money into the air and kids gathered it up.

• GOESEast satellite captured a full disc Earth view this morning of the Saharan dust that is blowing across the Atlantic toward the U.S. It appears a smudge from the Western Coast of Africa to the Bahamas.

• United flight from Houston to Boston diverted when a passenger dies. They came back to the airport for a medical emergency, but by the time they landed, the passenger had already died.