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What’s Trending?

• Presidential front-runner Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador pledged to root out corruption and dampen drug violence while boosting the economy and lifting up the poor. That won him the election in Mexico Sunday.

• Seattle becomes the first major U.S. city to ban straws. Seattle wanted to ban plastic drinking straws a decade ago, but there were not many viable alternatives.

• Saildrones go where humans can’t, or don’t want to, to study the world’s oceans, and scientists just launched two of the wind-propelled robots off the Washington Coast.

• Kayla Rahn continued to gain weight, and she, nor her doctors, didn’t know why. She got tired of people asking her if she was pregnant. Kayla would tell them, “I going to name it Taco Bell.” She gave birth, with doctor’s help, to Taco Bell, weighing in at 50 pounds. Taco was an ovarian cyst.

• Rain chances will be highest south of I-20 for your Fourth of July Wednesday.