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Workers Are Literally Fighting Over Temperature In The Office


Office temperature is causing workers to turn on each other and is also having an impact on productivity. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, nearly half of workers (46%) say their office is either too hot or too cold – and 51% say sitting in an office that is too cold impacts their productivity, 67% say sitting in an office that is too warm does the same. Other findings:

  • 15% say they’ve argued with a coworker about office temperature (7% of men versus 22% of women)
  • 19% admit they’ve secretly changed the office temperature in the summer

Who’s Affected by Office Temperature the Most?
Top sectors with office temperature that is too hot:

  • Retail: 28%
  • Manufacturing: 23%
  • Healthcare: 19%

Top sectors with office temperature that is too cold:

  • Healthcare: 30%
  • Retail 24%
  • Manufacturing: 18%

Instead of fighting for control over the thermostat, some workers are taking matters into their own hands. To stay at a comfortable temperature at work during the summer, workers say they:

  • Drink cool beverages: 42%
  • Dress in layers: 27%
  • Use a personal fan: 26%
  • Drink hot beverages: 20%
  • Wear a jacket all day: 19%
  • Use a space heater: 13%
  • Use a blanket: 6%