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X-Men Director Speaks In Today’s Hollywood Report

Madonna tells the NY Times that she never asked Donald Trump out on a date. She says she was doing a photo shoot at Mar-A-Lago when Trump began repeatedly calling her. “I did a Versace campaign with Steven Meisel at his house in Palm Beach. He kept going: ‘Hey, is everything OK? Finding yourself comfortable? Are the beds comfortable? Is everything good? Are you happy?’”

Naughty Gossip claims Trump once impersonated his publicist when calling People magazine. He said Madonna was chasing him in hopes of starting a relationship.

Radar Online claims Bill Cosby’s prison cell is allegedly decorated with pictures of female celebrities. A source tells the website, “Mr. Cosby asked one of his inmate assistants to help him obtain photographs or art to bring life to his ‘dorm’. Bugs (fellow inmate) gave him magazine clippings of icons like Beyoncé, Meghan Markle, and Kris Jenner. He really likes Meghan, but he’s mad at her for marrying Harry.”

‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix” director Simon Kinberg says he did not include a cameo love scene between Wolverine star Hugh Jackman and Sophie Turner because he is 27 years older than her. ”If you know the ‘Dark Phoenix’ story, you’d want to really service the love story between Logan and Jean. And I think the notion of Hugh Jackman, as great as he looks for his age, and Sophie Turner — it didn’t sit well with me. Or anyone else! There was an element of this being Jean’s story. And I was committing so fully to it that I didn’t want to run the risk of pulling away from Jean by going to the well of a fan-favorite character in these movies. I wanted this to be a very different experience of seeing an X-Men movie.”

The movie is in theaters tonight

In Touch Weekly Magazine claims Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend, Camilla, may help Brad Pitt find love. A source tells the magazine,  Leo wants Brad to find happiness. Camilla also has friends who’d jump at the chance to date a heartthrob. Brad’s got his groove back and is ready to have a little fun.”

Jennifer Lawrence tells Entertainment Tonight that she never hesitated when Cooke Maroney asked her to marry. “Well, he’s just the best person I’ve ever met in my whole life. It was a very, very easy decision.”

The Daily Mail claims Ric Flair owes the IRS $239,000 in back taxes. He also owes the state of Georgia $38,000 in back taxes. The IRS is taking a lien out on Ric’s five-bedroom Atlanta mansion. He is said to be worth $3 million.

Fixer-Upper star Chip Gaines tells People magazine that he’s nervous about his kids driving and dating. “I’m not a real worrywart. I enjoy each season as it comes. But you think about these little ones driving and dating, and it really does put the fear of God in your heart. When your little guy wants to go out past 10 or on his first date, you think to yourself, ‘Already?’ But you’ve got to let them do their thing.”

Hugh Grant tells The Hollywood Reporter that he’s too old for rom-coms. “I’ve gotten too old and ugly and fat to do them anymore. So now I’ve done other things and I’ve got marginally less self-hatred. I was being paid tons of money. I was very lucky. And most of those romantic comedies I can look squarely in the face — one or two are shockers, but on the whole, I can look them in the face and people like them. And I am a big believer that our job is to entertain. It’s not to practice some weird, quasi-religious experience.”

Drew Barrymore tells People magazine that she had her stomach sculpted after having two children. ”I felt immediately different. And it looked immediately different, but it just functioned differently. I love exercising, but after two kids I kept getting injured because I just did not have a core. My midsection was like a fish tank and I just kept getting sidelined. Women are having children all the time, and no one’s talking about how their body is forever changed.”

TV Guide says Nickelodeon is developing a Baby Shark show. The animated series is going to be based on the Baby Shark song.

Nickelodeon says, “Our outstanding creative teams are moving fast to get more ‘Baby Shark’ product across multiple categories to retailers, and our content team is excited to develop a terrific original animated series that will bring this property to new heights and even more fans.”

Jerry Seinfeld tells Extra that he has no plans to do a Seinfeld reboot. “I really don’t imagine that I cannot imagine that. Can’t imagine that… The characters are created by the writing staff. Without the writing staff, you don’t have that person.”