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News On Coronavirus

News of the Coronavirus continues growing.

SEMrush, a data analytics company, analyzed Google search volume on the topic to collect data on how much interest in ‘Coronavirus’ is increasing in the U.S. alone.

Sharing SEMrush’s findings below:

Medical and N95 masks:
In January 2020 over 2,200,000 people searched for masks on the internet, which is 45.34 times higher than searches in December 2019 – there were only around 50K searches per month
Number of Google searches for [N95 masks] is five times higher than for [medical masks]: 1MLN vs. 200K (+3903.00% increase in searches)

In January 2020, a new search term appeared in Google – “Coronavirus mask,” which the public never googled before. But, in Jan 2020, it already accounted for 49,500 searches per month.
Walgreens, Walmart, and Home Depot are the most popular places where people bought masks in Jan 2020, searches for buying a mask in these places accounted for 45,300 (Walgreens); 44,900 (Walmart); and 25,980 (Home Depot) respectively.

Searches for “Buy a (medical/n95) mask near me” has sharply risen in January by 2,988.00% and accounted for 19,720 per month.

Coronavirus related Google searches:
[Coronavirus] search term – over 49 million searches in January 2020 (+75,051.52% Jan/Dec growth)
[Coronavirus symptoms] – the most searched query related to the topic, with >6 mln searches a month (+611,900.00% Jan/Dec growth)
[What is coronavirus?] – the most asked question, related to the topic – over 2,2 mln searches a month (+139,900.00% Jan/Dec growth)
Unfortunately, searches for [Coronavirus treatment] have also increased a lot – by 93,650.00% and account for 450,000 searches in January

Travel to China:
[China travel ban] – 28,800 searches in Jan 2020 (+47,900.00% growth)
[China travel restrictions] – 6,600 searches in Jan 2020 (+21,900.00% growth)
[Is it safe to travel to China?] – 5,400 searches in Jan 2020 (+812.00% growth)