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Bailey Students Advance To Regional Science Fair


Bailey Intermediate 5th grade science fair winners beginning left are Tristan Peterson (3rd place), Cole Parker (2nd place), Macy Osborne (4th place), and Amberlee Freelen (1st place).


Bailey Intermediate School held a science fair on November 30 for the fourth and fifth grades at their campus.  The top four from each grade will compete at the Region 8 ESC Regional Science Fair on February 1, 2018.

          Fifth-grade winners advancing are: Amberlee Freelen, first place with ‘Which Detergent is Most Effective Cleaning Animals Harmed by Oil Spills?’; Cole Parker, second place with ‘Which Laundry Detergent Clean Ketchup Stains the Best?’; Tristan Peterson, third place with ‘Tap Water or Salt Water? Which grows plants best?’, and Mary Osborne, fourth place with ‘Who is the Better Popper?’ Determining which popcorn was the best “popper!”

Bailey’s 4th-grade science fair winners beginning left are Emmah Klingler (3rd place), Lily Greenwell (1st place), Dane Dillen (4th place), and Rory Steward (2nd place).


Winners advancing in fourth grade are Lily Greenwell, first place winner with ‘What Type of Music is Healthiest?’ She tested different types of music to determine which music was more beneficial for people with high blood pressure.; Rory Steward, second place with ‘GERM KILLERS’ What kills germs the best? Hand Sanitizer or Hand Soap?; Emmah Klingler, third place with ‘ICE vs MAGNET’ How much ice can you put between two magnets before the ice is too thick for the magnets to attract?; and Dane Dillen, fourth place with ‘The Magic Bottle:  How Can You Get an Egg into a Glass Jar?’.

The student projects were judged on creativity, scientific thought, thoroughness, skill, and clarity.  Judges for the event were North Lamar High School science teachers Doil Tingen, Stacy Mobley, and Amber Soliz.