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Quarantine Update From Paris-Lamar County Health District

Update from the Paris-Lamar County Health District regarding new CDC optional guidelines regarding COVID-19 quarantine:

The CDC still recommends a 14-day quarantine “as the best way to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19.” However, the quarantine can end after ten days if the person has not developed any symptoms from exposure to COVID-19. The Health District does not recommend allowing a negative test to be released early from the ten-day quarantine.

Data has shown that individuals exposed to the virus can become symptomatic at any phase of the quarantine period from day one through day 14. A negative test does not guarantee that the exposed individual will not become symptomatic the next day or days after the initial examination. The test result is only good at the time of the test.

Lamar County is currently experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, and we urge all individuals to please wear your mask, avoid large gatherings, do not go to work or out in public. If you have tested positive or are symptomatic for the virus, wash your hands or use germ gel regularly and adequately clean surfaces shared by others.