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Sulphur Springs HS Wins District UIL Academic Meet

UIL Academic Team Updates (District UIL Academics Highlights 2024) 

April 5 & 10 District 15-4A Academic Meet 

The SSHS Wildcat UIL Academic Team competed on Friday, April 5, and Wednesday, April 10, at the District 15-4A Academic Meet. The team won the District 15-4A championship with 823 points, garnering 63 individual medals, five first-place teams, and three second-place teams. SSHS students also earned the titles of District Journalism and Speech Champions. Thirty-three students qualified for the region competition, and six alternated to the region. Here is a list of our 2024 medalists. Congratulations to these hard-working competitors and coaches, and thanks to the staff and administration of SSHS for their support.

Copy Editing (Madison Millsap & Gail Herman – Coaches) Jolene Reed – 1st PlaceR 

Abigail Bautista – 2nd PlaceR 

Payton Hooks – 3rd PlaceR

News Writing (Millsap & Herman – Coaches) 

Jolene Reed – 1st PlaceR 

Payton Hooks – 2nd PlaceR 

Dylan McKinney – 3rd PlaceR

Feature Writing (Millsap & Herman – Coaches) Jolene Reed – 1st PlaceR 

Payton Hooks – 2nd PlaceR 

Kolbie Moughon – 6th Place

Editorial Writing (Millsap & Herman – Coaches) Asia Chen – 1st PlaceR 

Anthony Small – 2nd PlaceR 

Jolene Reed – 3rd PlaceR

Headline Writing (Millsap & Herman – Coaches) Abigail Bautista – 1st PlaceR 

Betzy Chacon – 2nd PlaceR 

Jolene Reed – 3rd PlaceR

Journalism – 1st Place Team 

(Madison Millsap & Gail Herman – Coaches)

Ready Writing (Gail Herman – Coach) 

Anthony Small – 2nd PlaceR 

Alan Tellez – 3rd PlaceR 

Alexis Villarino – 4th PlaceA

Accounting (Jamie VanWinkle – Coach) 

Holden Moss – 1st PlaceR

Calculator Applications (Gerald Grafton – Coach) Asia Chen – 1st PlaceR 

Barrett Thesing – 3rd PlaceR 

Katlyn Noe – 5th Place 

Briana Macedo – 6th Place 

TEAM – 1st PlaceR(Chen, Thesing, Noe, Macedo)

Computer Applications (Jill Crump – Coach) 

Makieya Boren – 1st PlaceR

Current Issues & Events (Madison Millsap – Coach) James “Mac” McCoy – 1st PlaceR 

Crawford Johnson – 2nd PlaceR 

Abigail Bautista – 3rd PlaceR 

Kolbie Moughon – 4th PlaceA 

Craig Draper – 5th Place 

TEAM – 1st PlaceR(McCoy, Johnson, Bautista, Moughon)

Literary Criticism (Gail Herman – Coach) 

Alexis Villarino – 1st PlaceR 

Kami White – 2nd PlaceR 

Alan Tellez – 3rd PlaceR 

Betzy Chacon – 4th PlaceA 

Dylan McKinney – 6th Place 

TEAM – 1st PlaceR(Villarino, White, Tellez, Chacon)

Mathematics (Gerald Grafton – Coach) 

Asia Chen – 2nd PlaceR 

Anthony Small – 5th Place 

TEAM – 2nd PlaceA(Chen, Small, A. Villarino, K. White)

Number Sense (Gerald Grafton – Coach) 

Katlyn Noe – 4th PlaceA


Science (Kristen Shelton – Coach) 

Asia Chen – 4th PlaceA 

Jessie Li – 6th Place 

TEAM – 2nd PlaceA(Chen, Li, C. Murillo, R. Offutt)

Social Studies (Madison Millsap – Coach) 

Grayson Wall – 1st PlaceR 

Davin Ly – 2nd PlaceR 

Julia Garcia-Ricker – 3rd PlaceR 

Crawford Johnson – 4th PlaceA 

Conner Curtis – 5th Place 

Cameron Davis – 6th Place 

TEAM – 1st PlaceR(Wall, Ly, Garcia-Ricker, Johnson)

Spelling & Vocabulary (Gail Herman – Coach) Abigail Bautista – 1st PlaceR 

Kami White – 2nd PlaceR 

Kale Burgin – 3rd PlaceR 

Celeste Hernandez – 4th PlaceA 

Laney Bankston – 5th Place 

Camila Hidalgo – 6th Place 

TEAM – 1st PlaceR(Bautista, White, Burgin, Hernandez)

Speech – 1st Place 

(Coaches: Trevor King, Jamie VanWinkle, Lesha Woodard)

Prose (Lesha Woodard – Coach) 

Tally Brown – 1st PlaceR 

Aiden Woodard – 2nd PlaceR 

Aspen Mayhew – 3rd PlaceR

Poetry (Lesha Woodard – Coach) 

Emma Boatman – 1st PlaceR 

Addison Bradley – 2nd PlaceR 

Nathan Bilyeu – 3rd PlaceR

Informative (Trevor King – Coach) 

Carolina Murillo-Barcenas – 2nd PlaceR

Persuasive (Trevor King – Coach) 

Jordan VanWinkle – 1st PlaceR 

Reese Offutt – 2nd PlaceR

R – Regional Qualifier, A – Alternate for Region 

Previous Events Contributing to District Totals: 

CX Debate (Offutt-Murillo) 2nd Place Team (Advanced to State CX) 

ONE ACT PLAY District Champs (Advanced to Bi-district competition) 

Upcoming dates: 

April 26 – SSHS UIL @ Region 2 UIL Meet (TAMU – Commerce) 

May 13 – 15 – SSHS UIL @ State UIL Academic Meet (UT – Austin)