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All That Cleaning, What About Your Shoes?

We hear more and more about things we need to do to keep ourselves and others safe when we’re home. Erick Mccallum is a former Mansfield police officer and is now the CEO of C-G Environmental. His company disinfects hotspot areas from Coronavirus. One of the most significant pieces of advice he can give to people — don’t wear shoes inside. “Leave them on the porch, leave them in the sunlight as well. If you can have a shallow pan, with a light bleach and water solution, where you can dip the bottoms in that bleach solution, then set them in the sunlight.”

He says cross-contamination is a big problem and says a lot of people don’t think about the fact they are tracking things in their homes and carpets.

Experts are warning that COVID-19 can live on the soles of shoes for up to five days. They say shoes are more likely to carry Coronavirus if the owner wears them in busy areas like grocery stores.