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Heuberger Resigns From Lamar-Red River County Crimestoppers


Public Statement Issued By William “Buddy” Heuberger

I am very sad to announce that after almost 29 years,

II am no longer associated with Lamar & Red River County Crime Stoppers.

The board has hired an attorney to close crime stoppers. The decision to close can be reversed. It will take public pressure to get the decision reversed.

The board recently voted to close over my objection and wishes. Options other than closing were available but the board did not see fit to exercise any of those options. They did reach out to see if a surrounding organization might be interested in a merger. None were.

Several local citizens volunteered to be board members to save the organization, but the board refused to allow this to happen. This would have been very easy to accomplish. Elect new board and walk away. But, was not even seriously considered by the board.

I have known for months this was being discussed and was asked by the board not to speak about it to anyone about the discussions.

I fully honored that request thinking the board would exercise one if the other options. How wrong could I have been?

Honoring that request has taken a toll on me. I kept my word but doing so was wrong in this situation. I made a mistake by remaining silent.

By the way, my last email begging for a new board to be put in place was completely ignored.

Tuesday morning at 9:53 am i receive a text, from board chair Sherries White, “Can you please bring your phone and keys to myself or Carolyn when you’re in town Thursday?” Nothing else in the text.

Crime Stoppers has served our community since January 30,1986. The board decided they knew more than anyone else and refused to entertain other options.

The Office of the Governor Texas Crime Stoppers Council even contacted the board and advised them against closing.

Crime stoppers received a $12,000 grant to send local campus programs to the annual campus conference in Houston but would not accept the grant.

I haven’t given up the fight to save the organization, but time is running out.

William (Buddy) Heuberger