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Sci-Fi Dreams And Monster Scenes Opens At PJC

Talking dogs (l-r) Sara Pacifici, Sarah J’Nelle Curtis and Ollivia Stiles try to convince Pete (Grant Powell) that each is the one he should take home as pet store owner Kay Nyne (Aria Scroggins) looks on in “You Don’t Say.”

Time travelers fall afoul of pirates in a scene from “How Time Flies,” with, from left, Nate Sipe, Kaiya Gilbreath, Kaleb Speakman, Isaac Vaughan, and Jordan White.

The comedy, “Sci-Fi Scenes and Monster Dreams,” the final production of Paris Junior College Department of Drama’s “Weird Science” season, opens Thursday, April 27 at 7:30 pm. Additional shows run Friday and Saturday, April 28-29, at 7:30 pm and 2:30 pm on Sunday, April 30.

“This production has been so much fun because it depends on the imagination and energy of each actor to bring the stories to life,” said Robyn R. Huizinga, play director, and PJC drama faculty. “It’s also been fun to spoof some of our favorite genres, television shows, books, and movies. I think the audience can easily tell what existing material we’re satirizing.”

They comprise eleven scenes in the show. The comedy allows PJC students to portray various roles, ranging from comical monsters to socially awkward robots, mad scientists to talking dogs, adventurous space explorers to courageous superheroes, and more.

PJC drama student Jordan White has three acting roles and is a first-time director of one of the scenes.

“Directing is fun, but it’s a big adjustment,” White said. “I’ve blocked things before but not set up for an audience. It is a great line-up of shows; all are funny.”

The scenes include spoofs of popular movies, television shows, books, and original stories. Actors can practice pantomime, comedic timing, accents, and physical characterization.

“I like being Narrator best,” said music major Isaac Vaughan of his role in “The Amoeba.” “I voice-act outside of school, and I like the crazy voice I get to do on it. It is a giant comedy, and it will be a fun night – hilarious.”

PJC drama student Aria Scroggins said her favorite character is Kaye Nyne, a pet shop owner in “You Don’t Say.” Though she was able to direct last year as director of “Bunk Mates,” she’s enjoying it more now.

“Last year, I was asking, ‘what should I do,” Scroggins said. “This year, it’s about putting in my ideas.”

Tickets are $10 for general admission and $5 for senior adults and kids under 18/school-age kids. Seating is minimal, and you can make reservations by emailing

Cast and Crew by Scene

How Time Flies: Kaiya Gilbreath – Traveler 1, Kaleb Speakman – Traveler 2, Isaac Vaughan – Traveler 3, Nate Sipe – Georgy-Boy, Jordan White – Captain Blimey, Director Will Walker, and Assistant Director Bodee Robinson.

Bunk Mates: Sipe: Jess, Sara Pacific – Monster, Director Aria Scroggins, and Mentor Walker.

You Don’t Say: Scroggins – Kaye Nyne, Grant Powell – Pete, Sarah J’Nelle Curtis, Ollivia Stiles – Roosevelt, Pacifici – Nelson, Director Huizinga.

An Unexpected Visitor: Powell – Duke Flyswatter, Stiles – No-Duh, Director White and Mentor Huizinga.

Ready, Set, Duel: Sipe – Fumbledor, White – Larry, Powell – Sandgolf, Pacifici – Rolo, Amanda Blouin – Referee, Director Walker.

The Amoeba: Vaughan – Narrator, Hannah Huie – Bobby, Kaiya Gilbreath – Suzy, B. Robinson – Officer Smith, Blouin – Officer Jones, Jonathan Robinson – Dr. Herman, Director Sipe, Mentor Walker.

There’s No Place Like Home: Stiles – Beta-3, Powell – Dr. Robbins, Gilbreath – Lila Robbins, Blouin – Mrs. Robbins, Huie – Buddy Robbins, Director Curtis, and Mentor Walker.

What Kind of Ghoul Am I?: J. Robinson – Mr. Ghoul, Stiles – Mrs. Ghoul, Director Walker, and Assistant Director Blouin.

Super-Duper Heroes: Blouin – Umbrella Girl, Curtis – Ladder Man, Stiles – Duct Tape Woman, Vaughan – Snack Boy, Director Huizinga, and Assistant Director Curtis.

That Old Silk Hat: Sipe – Narrator, Gilbreath – Karen, Huie – Sandra, J. Robinson – Carl, White – Sammy, B. Robinson – Chilly, Director Huizinga and Assistant Director Pacifici.

The Ghost Explorers: McCarty – Mack, Sipe – Ronny, Pacifici – Terri, Curtis – Casper, Scroggins – Mother, Director Huizinga, and Assistant Director Huie.

The additional crew includes the production Director Robyn R. Huizinga. In addition to the cast, students in the Theater Practicum II and IV classes comprised the team.