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What’s Trending?

What’s Trending?

• The FBI counterintelligence specialists briefed Trump about Russian intentions in late July or August 2016, after he officially became the Republican Nominee. Hillary Clinton received the same briefing.

• WSP diverted traffic at DuPont. News now blames Congress’ delayed key safeguard that may have prevented the Washington Train Derailment.

• Whiskers and a long tail, better known as a rat, shut down Atlanta’s airport. Chick-fil-A opened last Sunday and provided food to stranded passengers at the airport.

• Jerry Richardson, the owner of the Carolina Panthers, is about to cash in on his abuse. The owner stands to profit handsomely after accusations of sexual harassment by selling the team.

• The first images of the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy are coming soon.

• Dallas Love Field has a poster that congratulates the Lions for their NCAA Division II National Title.

• This week in the odd news a red-suited man on sled saves deer, Someone steals a man’s cheeseburger during an armed robbery, and a homeless man finds $354,000 at Paris’ airport.