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A Sprinkle Of Kindness Goes A Long Way At Aaron Parker

Aaron Parker Elementary GT students spearheaded a thank you note campaign for the healthcare workers at PRMC. Holding just some of the 242 letters delivered to the hospital are Camila Chappell, Alazar Nava, Michael Martin, Hannah Adams, and Blake Brannan.

The Gifted and Talented students at Aaron Parker Elementary led their classmates in writing thank you notes to the healthcare workers at Paris Regional Medical Center. The latter has worked so hard during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project is part of a leadership unit the Parker GT students are studying. While researching various occupations, the students came up with the idea to share kindness with those in Paris’s healthcare community by making personalized thank you notes. They extended the gesture to their classmates via a video created by the students. The result was 242 handmade thank you letters.

“We tried to cover departments that may have been hit the hardest and affected the most by the pandemic: ER, ICU, 5W/COVID isolation, EVS/Housekeeping, Respiratory Therapists and Facilities employees,” said Aaron Parker GT teacher Britany Creamer. “We know they are working hard for our loved ones and community. We want them to know how much we appreciate their hard work.”

“I liked writing these nice letters,” says Hannah Adams, a third-grader at Aaron Parker Elementary.

Upon receiving the letters for the healthcare workers, PRMC Director of Marketing and Communications Director Savannah Abbott, responded in an email to Creamer. She said, “They were genuinely moved that you and your kiddos would take the time to do this for them, and they wanted to be sure you guys know that. A few have even written back to the student whose letter they received.”