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‘Gymtimidation’ Is Real

One in two Americans has been found to be intimidated at the thought of working out at a gym. The study of 2,000 Americans looked at people’s fitness routines and habits and found that as many as 50% feel the idea of working out among other people in a gym environment is a daunting prospect. A further 31% admit to feeling anxious when thinking about trying to get into shape overall. In fact, 48% of Americans feel intimidated by the number of fitness workouts and classes out there. The study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Isopure, examined the fitness habits and trends of 2,000 Americans and found that 37% of those who have never worked out think they are too unhealthy to even start exercising.

When it comes to the intimidation factor, it’s not just in the gym where this feeling is prevalent, either – 36% reveal that running outside is more intimidating than starting an exercise routine. Of the people that have conquered their fears, 47% still admit to having feelings of intimidation while at the gym. And it turns out that 32% of those who experience intimidation at the gym do so when they are exercising near someone who is extremely fit. Another 17% experience intimidation when exercising in front of the opposite sex, while a further 15% experience intimidation during their actual exercise routine.

Most intimidating activities at the gym:  
Lifting weights 39%
Going for a run outside 36%
Starting an exercise routine 35%
Going to a yoga class 35%
Playing a sport (recreationally) 34%
Top times intimidation strikes:  
Exercising near someone who is extremely fit 32%
Exercising in front of the opposite sex 17%
During my exercise 15%
Walking into the gym 14%
In the free weights section 10%

But it’s not just the workouts that Americans are intimidated by. It turns out that 48% don’t make healthy food or drink choices while another 45% complain that they find it too difficult to eat healthy. Even those who do have a fitness routine feel stuck in a rut. Two in five of those surveyed admitted to feeling like they had reached a physical plateau. For those that have a workout routine, 38% are moving their bodies in the same ways and never switching things up. In fact, 23% are not happy or satisfied with their fitness regimen.