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Lamar County Coronavirus Declaration


WHEREAS, the World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus, now designated COVID-19, as a global pandemic on March 1 1, 2020; and

WHEREAS, COVID-19 was first detected in Wuhan, China in December 2019; and

WHEREAS, symptoms of COVID-19 can range from mild to severe illness and cause further complications including death; and

WHEREAS, the COVID-19 virus mainly spreads between people who are in close contact with one another through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes; and

WHEREAS, the continued worldwide spread of COVID-19 presents an imminent threat of widespread illness, which requires emergency action for the protection of the people of Lamar County; and

WHEREAS, this Resolution strongly urges compliance with suggested restrictions herein to reduce the possibility of exposure to disease, control the risk, promote health, and suggests persons undergo additional health measures that prevent or control the spread of disease.

WHEREAS, the County Judge has determined that extraordinary measures must be taken to mitigate the effects of this public health emergency and to facilitate the efficient, rapid, and cooperative response to the emergency; and

WHEREAS, the County Judge issued an Order Declaring a Local State of Disaster due to Public Health Emergency on March 19, 2020, for seven days. The County Commissioners’ extended that declaration for an additional thirty days, through April 25, 2020, due to Public Health Emergency. Now, the County Judge and the Lamar County Commissioners’ Court hereby issues a Resolution recommending appropriate measures to contain and prevent the spread of Covid-19 for the health, safety, and welfare of the community and its citizens of Lamar County.


THEREFORE, THE COUNTY JUDGE OF LAMAR COUNTY AND THE LAMAR COUNTY COMMISSIONERS’ COURT are recommending the following restrictions be self-imposed in an effort to slow or stop the spread of COVID-19 and to avoid further restrictions allowed under Texas Government Code Section 418.108:

  1. Citizens of Lamar County should limit the size of gatherings to no more than 10 people and all such gatherings of more than 10 people until further notice. For purposes herein, a gathering is any indoor or outdoor event that brings together or is likely to bring together more than 10 people at the same time in a single space where people are present and within 6 feet of one another, without regard to the purpose of the gathering.
  2. This Resolution recommends that restaurants with or without drive-in or drive-through services; drive-in restaurants; drive-through restaurants; or microbreweries, microdistilleries, or wineries may only provide take out, delivery, or drive-in or drive-through services if permitted by law.
  3. This Resolution recommends that individuals cannot occupy the following; bars, lounges, taverns, commercial amusement establishments, bingo halls, theaters, gyms, private clubs, hair and nail salons and barber shops, estheticians and related personal care businesses, spas, massage parlors, tattoo and piercing parlors, tanning salons, event centers, hotel meeting spaces and ballrooms, outdoor plazas and markets.
  4. This Resolution allows for the following entities to continue doing business as long as they enforce social separation; grocery stores, stores selling essential household goods, convenience and package stores, pharmacies and drug stores, medical facilities, non-profit service providers, homeless and emergency shelters, office buildings, essential government buildings, airports and transit facilities, transportation systems, residential buildings and hotel, and manufacturing and distribution facilities.

Shopping should be done by one family member only, if at all possible. Family shopping trips should be avoided until further notice.

In all such locations, there must be sufficient space for all people to be 6 feet apart at all times to control infection.

  1. Notwithstanding the above recommendations, this Resolution is not intended to apply to any business operations delivering essential services. Essential Services means services, by whomsoever rendered, and whether rendered to the government or to any other person, the interruption of which would endanger life, health or personal safety of the whole or part of the population.
  2. If someone in a household has tested positive for COVID-19, the household is ordered to isolate at home. Members of the household cannot go to work, school, or any other



Locations Restrictions
Ali gatherings without regard to purpose. No more than 10 people

Practice social distancing — sufficient space for all People to be 6 feet apart at all times.

Keep a tracking list of individuals and their contact


Bars, lounges, taverns

Commercial amusement establishments

Bingo halls



Private Clubs

Hair and nail salons and barbershops

Estheticians and related personal care businesses Spas and massage parlors

Tattoo and piercing parlors and tanning salons Residential meeting spaces Event centers

Hotel meeting spaces and ballrooms Outdoor plazas and markets

Malls Retail stores that do not sell essential household goods

No occupancy permitted
Food Establishments In-house dining — closed.

Drive-in, drive-through, take out, and delivery is Permitted.

Practice social distancing — sufficient space for all People to be 6 feet apart at all times.

Worship Services Closed for in-person services, provided that staff can attend to produce audio/video services
Grocery stores

Stores selling essential household goods

Convenience and package stores

Pharmacies and drug stores

Medical facilities

Non-profit service providers

Homeless and emergency shelters

Office buildings

Essential government buildings

Airports and transit facilities

Transportation systems

Residential buildings and hotels

Manufacturing and distribution facilities

Practice social distancing — sufficient space for all people to be 6 feet apart at all times.

Keep a tracking list of individuals and their contact information, wherever possible.


community functions until cleared by a medical professional. Individuals under monitoring by the Paris-Lamar County Health District should fully comply with all restrictions and practices in the direction of the Paris-Lamar County Health District.

  1. In-person worship services can pose a significant risk to the congregation. Churches should make every effort to provide audio/video services available in lieu of in-person services.
  2. This Resolution incorporates the attached table, Resolution Restrictions as if set forth verbatim herein.
  3. This Resolution shall be filed promptly with the County Clerk.
  4. This Resolution should be followed immediately and be followed until further notice.

ORDERED this 24th day of March 2020 at 305_ p.m.