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Rice Political Scientist Has Doubts About Texas Counties Being Ready For Mass Voting By Mail

No one knows if Texans will get to vote by mail in the July runoff or the November General Elections. One political scientist says even if we get the green light, it won’t be easy.

Professor Bob Stein at Rice University says the state is just not to set up for voting by mail. He says, first, you have to get everyone’s address and send them a ballot, but people move, and many won’t get delivered. Plus, we don’t know how to get or complete and return a mail-in ballot. He says counties aren’t set up for this and don’t have the supplies and says six to seven percent of Texans vote by mail. To ramp that up to 40 percent of more would not only be difficult but would likely disenfranchise a large number of voters, mostly those voting democratic. He would like to see curbside voting in person, especially during early voting.