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Snacking Trends

For National Snack Day, Frito-Lay revealed the most common snack “profiles” across America. And, when asked the simple question “what snacks would you bring to a party?” Americans showed their snack preferences differ greatly depending on where they’re from and their age. U.S. Snack Index Key Insights:

A traditionalist is the most common. They have a classic style and prefer options like potato chips or nuts and seeds. They’re also most likely to be based in New York or California, and the only area where Traditionalists weren’t the most-common snackers hail from Colorado.

The Daredevil Foodie is the second most popular profile and goes above and beyond to turn every dining experience into an adventure. One in four people describe themselves as Daredevil Foodies, and these snackers tend to be young adults and love cheesy flavors as well as bold, spicy flavors. Daredevil Foodie snackers also live in cities like Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and L.A.

A preference for sweets came in third, particularly in Texas and Michigan. Sweet Tooth snackers love candy and cookies, but two in five still choose potato chips as a top snack they bring to a party.

The Last-Minute Friend comes in last. Only 9% of Americans admit to being the Last-Minute Friend who stops at the grocery store en route to the party. But their most popular snack to pick up? One out of four says Popcorn. They’re also most likely to live in Illinois.

When asked, “When bringing a snack to a party which profile best describes you?” Here’s what people said:

  • 36% of Gen Z and Millennials snack on the wild side
  • 37% of Gen X stick with the classics
  • 47% of Boomers say they also stick with traditional snacks
  • 25% of all respondents say they go for anything cheesy
  • 21% reach for spicy snacks first