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Sulphur Springs City Manager Marc Maxwell’s Report To City Council





CLAIMS – We had one minor workers’ compensation claim and no liability claims in  April.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN – We have applied for a $250,000 grant from the General Land Office to help pay for the plan. They require an amendment to our Financial Management Policy before they approve the grant. The amendment is on the agenda.

COLLEGE STREET—We are on the home stretch. The street will still be open by June 1.

HOLIDAY DRIVE—Capital Construction Division crews are installing the sewer main now. They have installed 850’ of the sewer so far. After the sewer, they will install sub-surface drainage. This is a complete reconstruction project, like College Street. After Holiday Drive, we will need to start installing water and sewer at Thermo.

WATER FILTER REHABILITATION—All of the filters have been rehabilitated except filter #6. This $3.2 million project is funded by The American Rescue Plan Act (COVID money).

STREET IMPROVEMENT PLAN (SIP) – The following are the streets crews will repaved in the 2024 Street Improvement Program.  

Street  Between  Length
League  Asphalt Repairs  1000
League  Connally to KCS Rail  1200
W.A.  MLK to end  2223
Cranford  Robertson to Beasley  1287
S. Moore  Bellview to Tate  449
Oak  Gilmer to College  3446
Pollard  Mulberry to end  211
N. Davis  Glover to Airport  1728
Kirtley  Bellview to Nicholson  412
Ninth  Woodlawn to VanSickle  845
Carter  Bill Bradford to Whitworth  2000
Henderson  Craig to League  449
Melony  Azalea to end  1215
Jennings  Jefferson to College  929
Beckworth  Whitworth to Beckham  690
Sharon  W. Industrial to W. Pampa  803
Spence  Lemon to Carter  639
Weaver  Jackson to Teer  2877
Shook  Weaver to Jefferson  536
Jacobs  Houston to Bonner  848

REVENUES AND EXPENDITURES – Finance Director Lesa Smith will present the usual report on revenues and expenditures.

 Elsewhere around the city, employees: 

  • We checked out 3,745 items from the library, plus 964 eBooks. 
  • We repaired op-lights on the Hopkins County Veterans Memorial wall. 
  • We replaced GFI plugs on downtown light poles. 
  • We treated wastewater to a daily average total suspended solids reading of 0.36 mg/L.
  • We hauled 596 tons of sludge to the landfill. 
  • We repaired eight water main ruptures.
  • We replaced 15 water meters.
  • We unstopped 71 sewer mains. 
  • We repaired one fire hydrant. 
  • We repaired eight sewer mains. 
  • We washed 98,000 feet of sewer mains. 
  • We flushed 37 dead-end water mains. 
  • We sold 3,466 gallons of AvGas and 6,600 gallons of JetA fuel. 
  • We accommodated 1,415 takeoffs or landings at the airport. 
  • We accommodated 28 aircraft at the airport for the solar eclipse instead of 178 reservation requests and 74 paid reservations. 
  • We power-washed sidewalks on Main Street. 
  • We scalped rye grass areas downtown in preparation for the transition to Bermuda.
  • We changed banners downtown. 
  • We power-washed the pavilion at Imagination Mountain. 
  • We conducted 52 building inspections, 24 electrical inspections, 14 plumbing inspections, and eight mechanical inspections. 
  • We issued 28 building permits and 47 trade permits. 
  • We repaired 267 potholes. 
  • We made ten major street repairs following utility cuts. 
  • We cleaned out storm drainage catch basins three times. 
  • We began the demolition of 802 Jefferson. 
  • We accommodated 1,274 vehicles at spring clean-up, sending 2,660 cubic yards to the landfill and a small mountain of green waste that they will burn later. 
  • Responded to 248 animal control calls and achieved an adoption rate of 78%.
  • We made two felony arrests in the Special Crimes Unit. 
  • We responded to 2,375 calls for police service. 
  • We responded to 15 accidents, wrote 566 traffic citations, recorded 36 offenses, and made 39 arrests in the Patrol Division. 
  • We responded to 200 calls for fire/rescue, including five structure fires, one vehicle fire, and seven grass fires. 
  • We performed preventative maintenance on 80 fire hydrants.