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Sulphur Springs City Manager’s Report





CLAIMS – We had two workers’ compensation claims in January. In addition, two police officers received minor lacerations in separate incidents. 

We received one liability claim in January for damages to a building from which a city employee had been removing Christmas lights.  

SENIOR CITIZENS CENTER –Hawk Construction has begun the dirt work. In addition, city staff will likely improve the underground drainage system to accommodate runoff from the site. 

PACIFIC PARK – XLNT Construction is about to begin constructing the basketball pavilion. They delivered an office trailer to the site. XLNT plans to complete the foundation before the building arrives in late March.  

When the pavilion is complete, we will demolish the old basketball courts and grade the park’s interior. Then we will install irrigation and sod. 

COLLEGE STREET – College Street is open down to Patton StreetWe are now installing sewer from Patton to Ramsey. After that, we will install water in the same segment. We have completed all the drainage improvements at College & Ramsey and Putman & Ramsey. The Capital Construction Division is rebuilding the College & Ramsey intersection in concrete.  

Once we complete improvements to Ramsey Street, we will continue to Como Street. After that, we will pause to turn our attention to Holiday Drive.

201 N Davis Street, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 • 903.439.3700 • Page 1 

REVENUES AND EXPENDITURES – Finance Director Lesa Smith already presented the report of revenues and expenditures at the city council meeting. 


2022 SIP
Street  Between  Length 
Jackson  Middle to College  2480
Kasie  Tate to Camp  681
Lee  Davis to League  3099
Fore  Main to Connally  1070
Forrest Ln  Bell to Barbara  1119
Garrison  Main to Connally  940
Glover  Davis to Church  348
Houston  Hillcrest to League (Delayed to 2023)  4800
Commercial Serv.  various repair  442
Como  College to RR  3317
Dabbs  Gilmer to Davis  401
Drexel  Broadway to Mockingbird  1441
Fisher  Spence to Lee  1500
Ardis  Spence to Beckham  1880
Azalea  Hillcrest to Main  3648
Bonner  Church to Davis  539
Brinker  Beasley to dead-end  2629
California  Church to Seventh  1520
Charles  College to Lakeshore  998
Lee (2021)  Davis to Broadway  1901
League (2021)  Bellview to Pampa  3131
Total Linear Feet 37,884 
Total Miles  7.18
Total Cost  $ 2,012,318.00 
Street Maintenance Fee Cost Estimate  $ 1,072,668.00 
Estimated Street Maintenance Fee Funds Available (Fund Balance Plus  Budgeted Revenue)  $ 1,049,101.81 
Red Text indicates streets paid for by the Street Maintenance Fee. All other streets are paid for by a  transfer from General Fund to Capital Fund.


Elsewhere around the city, employees: 

  • Installed conduit for security cameras at Pacific Park and the gas pumps at the  service center. 
  • Performed preventative maintenance on several items at the water treatment plant  and wastewater treatment plant.

201 N Davis Street, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 • 903.439.3700 • Page 2 

  • Treated wastewater to a daily average total suspended solids reading of 0.40 mg/L,  about 1/30th of our allowable limit. 
  • Repaired 15 water main ruptures. 
  • Hauled 540 tons of sludge to the landfill. 
  • Unstopped 32 sewer mains. 
  • Flushed 40 dead-end water mains. 
  • Re-calibrated cathodic protection on water towers 
  • Sold 2,642 gallons of AvGas and 7,075 gallons of JetA fuel. 
  • Accommodated 1160 operations at the airport. 
  • Changed banners downtown. 
  • Removed holiday lights downtown. 
  • Repaired 73 potholes. 
  • Made 12 street repairs following utility cuts. 
  • Cleared Storm Drain inlets twice. 
  • Removed 109 trees from city streets. 
  • Received 1982 loads of tree limbs at Hilltop through today. 
  • Reconstructed the Putman/Ramsey intersection. 
  • Responded to 130 animal control calls, achieving a 96% adoption rate. Responded to 2,203 911 police calls. 
  • Made 2 felony arrests in the Special Crimes Unit. 
  • Responded to 38 accidents, wrote 504 citations, recorded 28 offenses and made 38  arrests in the patrol division. 
  • Removed the infield lips on Coleman baseball/softball fields. 
  • Prepared Pevine Pinion Pond for Kids Fishing Day. 
  • Performed multiple repairs at Kids Kingdom. 
  • Painted bathrooms at Coleman Park athletic fields. 
  • Removed dead trees in city parks. 
  • Conducted 42 building inspections, 29 electrical inspections, 6 plumbing  inspections, 8 mechanical inspections and issued 64 building permits. Responded to 318 fire rescue calls including 2 structure fires and 2 car fires. Conducted 31 fire inspections. 
  • Maintained 72 fire hydrants.

201 N Davis Street, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 • 903.439.3700 • Page 3