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The Nagging Questions That Drive Us Crazy


You know that feeling when you can’t remember if you locked your front door or fed your cat or did something else that will have you worrying about it all day? British researchers did a poll to find out what are the most common nagging questions that drive people crazy. More than half, 55 percent admitted that a nagging thought is often all they can think about until they make sure it’s okay, and 80 percent said they’ve turned back or returned home to check on whatever they’re worried about. Additionally, 40 percent have called a friend or neighbor to go to their house and check, and one-third have left work in the middle of the day or used their lunch break to go home and put their mind at ease. The top 25 nagging questions in the poll were:

  1. Did I lock the front door?
  2. Do I have my phone?
  3. Do I have my keys?
  4. What shall I have for dinner and have I got what I need?
  5. Have I left a window open?
  6. Did I turn off the light?
  7. Have I locked the car?
  8. Did I leave the front door open?
  9. Did I turn the stove burner off?
  10. Did I switch off the oven?
  11. Did I turn off the central heating?
  12. Did I leave my hair straightener on?
  13. Did I turn the iron off?
  14. Did I leave a tap on?
  15. Have I drunk enough water?
  16. Did I get the dinner out of the freezer?
  17. Is the fridge door closed?
  18. Have I paid that bill?
  19. Did I respond to that person’s email/text?
  20. What side’s my gas cap on?
  21. Does the cat/dog have water?
  22. Did I put the handbrake on in the car?
  23. Have I hit my daily step count?
  24. Did I lock the garage?
  25. Did I leave the cat in or out?