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Aikin Elementary Celebrates Earth Day

Pictured left to right: Olivia Price, Socrates instructor Wendy Hamer, and William Ashmore.

The Aikin Elementary Parent Association (APA) demonstrated a remarkable commitment to environmental stewardship and community involvement through their Earth Day celebrations. Collaborating closely with the Aikin campus, they orchestrated a series of activities designed to teach students the importance of caring for our planet. Notably, the kindergarten classes took a hands-on approach to cleanliness and sustainability. Dividing into groups, these young learners ventured around the campus perimeter, engaging in a trash collection initiative. This activity not only beautified the school grounds but also instilled in the students a sense of responsibility towards maintaining a clean environment.

Pictured left to right: Kindergartener William Kerby pictured with his teacher Lorie Wickes.

Further elevating the Earth Day celebrations, the 3rd and 4th grade students enrolled in the Socrates program actively contributed to the greening of their school. Demonstrating their commitment to environmental conservation, these students brought from home a variety of plants to enrich the Aikin garden. This initiative served a dual purpose: enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the school while providing a hands- on educational experience about plant care and the importance of green spaces.

Paris Fireman pictured left to right: Cody Flatt, Trevor Norwood, Jason Besteman, Austin Bush, Colt Holbert, and Drew Boren.

The APA’s collaboration extended beyond the school community, involving local firefighters in their Earth Day initiatives. Together, they undertook the task of spreading mulch in various areas around the campus. This effort not only contributed to the health of the campus’s green areas by retaining moisture in the soil and suppressing weeds but also fostered a sense of community and cooperation. By engaging with local firefighters, the APA showed the importance of community involvement in environmental preservation. Through these diverse activities, the Aikin Elementary Parent Association not only celebrated Earth Day but also imparted valuable lessons on environmental stewardship, community engagement, and the power of collective action.

(Left)  Kindergartener Andi Cate Darnell (right) 4th Grader Avery Eudy.