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Are You Looking For Ozempic

Are you looking for Ozempic? Spot a scam before you buy phony medicine.

When demand for something exceeds its supply, scammers quickly take advantage. It’s happened recently with popular toysbaby formula, and even rental cars. Now, it’s happening with Ozempic, a prescription-only drug for people with Type 2 diabetes. Scammers are aware of the drug’s popularity for weight loss, and they’re targeting folks looking for a convenient way to purchase it. Here’s what you need to know to stay alert.

How this scam works

You are looking online for a pharmacy that carries Ozempic, and the scammer points you to a website claiming to sell the drug at a reduced price. You may find the website through a web search, an ad, or even a friend’s post on social media. The website claims that buying Ozempic is easy, and you can save a few hundred dollars by purchasing it online vs. through a doctor. You must pay through a digital wallet app like CashApp or Zelle. CashApp and Zelle are BBB Accredited Businesses as of the time of this writing in December 2023.

Many such websites don’t even ask for a prescription before “selling” the drug, but some sites work harder to appear that you are dealing with a legitimate pharmaceutical company. One consumer reported having a “tele-consult” with a “doctor” before paying to receive Ozempic. The consumer told BBB: “I have not received the drug. When I reach out to customer service, they send automated responses. They refuse to refund my money, even though they claim not to know when or if they would ship the drug.”

In some versions of the scam, the con artists claim to encounter issues when shipping the drug, all of which require additional fees. For example, after your initial payment, scammers may insist that you pay for insurance or a discreet shipping fee to get the package past customs. If you refuse, scammers may resort to threats. For example, they may claim to report the transaction to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and they would hold you responsible for buying illegal drugs without a prescription.

In reality, scammers never planned on sending you anything at all. Any problems encountered when they “shipped” the medication are only a trick to get even more money from you. If you give in and use a digital payment app to send funds, your money is gone for good.

How to avoid similar scams 

  • Don’t buy medicines from foreign countries. The FDA warns consumers that non-FDA-approved products sold by internet pharmacies in other countries can be dangerous. Avoid risking your health and getting scammed by sticking with pharmacies based in the country where you live.
  • Don’t buy prescription-only medications from a seller who doesn’t ask you for a prescription. It is a huge red flag and one of the most significant signs that you are dealing with a scammer. Even if they are selling the drug, offering it to consumers without a prescription is illegal.
  • Watch out for unreasonably low prices. It is another red flag. Why is a vendor offering a high-demand, name-brand prescription at such a low price? It’s probably a scam. After paying, you could end up with counterfeit or no products.
  • Don’t use digital wallet apps to pay for a prescription. A reputable pharmacy won’t ask you to make a payment using a digital wallet app, prepaid debit cards, or wired funds. These payment methods are a common denominator in countless scams.
  • Only buy from reputable pharmacies. Research is necessary if you encounter a pharmacy online that you need to become more familiar with. Make sure the business has legitimate contact information and a working phone number. Look for consumer reviews, keeping a sharp eye out for reports of scams or shady business dealings. Remember, your personal information, some of your medical details, and your money are all on the line.

Read the full alert for more tips. 

For more information

Read the BBB Tip about weight loss products and check out BBB’s online shopping HQ for more resources

If you spot a prescription scam, report it. Visit BBB Scam Tracker to tell your story and help others avoid similar scams.