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Big Tex Writes A Doctor’s Note For Folks

DALLAS – August 31, 2023 – Every October, thousands of employees around the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex experience symptoms of insatiable funnel cake cravings and an overwhelming urge to play games under the neon lights of the Midway. But many of these fine folks face the impossible task of finding an excuse to take the day off and live their best life at the State Fair of Texas in Fair Park. Instead of staring longingly out your office window, dreaming of deep-fried everything and the Soap Bubble Circus, there’s a simple solution: “Dr.” Big Tex is on call to help you. 

Recently earning his legitimate medical degree, “Dr.” Big Tex can now provide fairgoers like you with a signed “Doctor’s Note” diagnosing you with a severe case of Fair Fever. Your boss will be so completely charmed by the iconic cowboy’s medical expertise that you’ll be allowed the day off to spend riding rides and tasting turkey legs until you cure your condition!

But if that doesn’t work, don’t worry; the Lone Star State’s premier “doctor” has a backup plan to confirm the legitimacy of his doctor’s note. “Dr.” Big Tex will leave you a voicemail offering a prescription for a day of State Fair fun, giving you the ultimate excuse from work.

If you’ve got State Fair Fever and the only cure is more corny cogs, folks can sign up now at BigTex.com/doctorsnote to receive everything they need from Big Tex to take their official State Fair sick day.

(Disclaimer: this playful toolkit is all good fun! Big Tex may not be an actual doctor, but he knows how to prescribe a good time at the State Fair.