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Sulphur Springs City Manager Marc Maxwell’s Report To City Council




CLAIMS – Unable to provide claims report this month – flu season.
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN – We are applying for a $300,000 grant from the General
Land Office to perform the plan. This will delay the plan a couple of months, but
$300,000 is $300,000.
continues. We will be connecting power to the
building this month.
COLLEGE STREET – Little changed from last
month. The concrete contractor, 5W Contracting has
poured concrete all the way past Carter Rookson.
They are now finishing the excavation of curb &
gutter and sidewalks on the remaining 1,950 feet to
Como Street. At the present rate the project should be
finished by June.
PACIFIC PARK – We are very close to finishing the project. We just lack a bit more
WATER FILTER REHABILITATION – This $3.2 million project will rehabilitate all
6 filters at the water treatment plant. Work on Filter #4, the most problematic filter is
nearing completion. We continue to be impressed with the quality of work.
LEAGUE STREET DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS – This drainage project at the

KCS railroad was authorized for $265,000 at the August 15th City Council meeting. This
project began 4 weeks ago. It has already resolved the flooding problems at Main &
League. We are still making improvements on the north side of the KCS tracks. Expect
League Street to remain closed for 2 more weeks.
STREET IMPROVEMENT PLAN (SIP) – Following is a list of streets to be repaved in
2023. Woodcrest and Rockdale are on hold for utility reasons. (Atmos and Oncor). Streets
highlighted in yellow are completed.
Street Between Length
League soft spot repairs 500
Woodcrest Azalea to Cul de Sac 898
Mulberry Woodlawn to RR 530
Lemon Bill Bradford to Spence 1199
Milligan Church to Davis 549
Rockdale Shannon to Hillcrest 3749
Robertson Davis to Texas 1199
Houston Hillcrest to League 4800
Putman Jackson to Carter 1400
Texas Shannon to Arbala 1901
Spence Fisher to Davis 476
Spence Gilmer to Ardis-end 850
Spring Gilmer to Magnolia 808
Peach Texas to Brinker 570
Craig Booker to Main 2170

REVENUES AND EXPENDITURES – Finance Director Lesa Smith will present the
usual report of revenues and expenditures.
Elsewhere around the city, employees:
• Checked out 2,718 items from the library plus 924 eBooks.
• Restored electrical power to the Thermo property.
• Reset school zone flashing lights on League Street.
• Upgraded various downtown streetlights to LED.
• Repaired lights on Hopkins County Veterans Memorial.
• Upgraded lights at Coleman Park bathrooms to LED.
• Hauled 452 tons of sludge to the landfill.
• Began the process of renewing the wastewater treatment plant discharge permit.

201 N Davis Street, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 • 903.439.3700 • Page 3
• Treated wastewater effluent to a daily average of 0.85 mg/L.
• Repaired 11 water main ruptures.
• Replaced 22 water meters.
• Unstopped 42 sewer mains.
• Repaired 2 sewer mains.
• Flushed 38 dead-end water mains.
• Performed preventative maintenance on spillway gates at Lake Sulphur Springs.
• Changed out banners downtown.
• Held 62 activities for seniors including a veteran’s breakfast and a Christmas
• Removed multiple tree stumps from Coleman Park.
• Repaired dugouts at Coleman Park.
• Mowed the airport and grass landing strip.
• Planted hardwood trees and fruit trees at Pacific Park.
• Made several repairs to Kids Kingdom.
• Sold 2,875 gallons of AvGas and 9,717 gallons of JetA fuel.
• Assisted with the Christmas parade.
• Responded to 204 fire/rescue calls including 3 structure fires and 2 vehicle fires.
• Performed 20 fire inspections.
• Performed preventative maintenance on 72 fire hydrants.
• Conducted 76 building inspections, 36 electrical inspections, 19 plumbing
inspections, and 3 mechanical inspections.
• Issued 21 building permits and 50 trade permits.
• Responded to 167 animal control calls.
• Achieved a 78% adoption rate at the animal shelter.
• Responded to 1,917 911 calls for police.
• Made 3 felony arrests in the Special Crimes Unit.
• Responded to 29 accidents, issued 425 citations, recorded 59 offences and made
42 arrests in the patrol division.