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TItus County Fugitive Remains At Large After Five Years

Former Titus County Resident Ramiro Estupinan Saucedo, 54, remains wanted on charges stemming from a 2019 Investigation by the Titus County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators are asking anyone with information regarding Saucedo’s current location to contact us with any helpful information.

In May 2019, the Titus County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint of the felony offense of Invasive Visual Recording allegedly being carried out by Saucedo. Reportedly, a family member discovered that Ramiro Saucedo was using video recording devices to record videos of other family members while bathing and showering. The investigation uncovered evidence that Saucedo had likely been doing similar activities for many months, invading the privacy of adults and children.

When an adult family member from the residence confronted Saucedo and retrieved the device Saucedo had been using to record, Saucedo left the residence in a vehicle believed to be a red Ford pickup. Officials issued a warrant for Saucedo’s arrest, and thus far, Saucedo has managed to avoid capture.

Investigators received credible information that Saucedo had fled to Mexico to avoid prosecution. At the time of reporting, Ramiro Saucedo’s identity was confirmed. However, since he’s eluded capture for five years, neither his current location nor the current identity he may be using is known.

Based on information learned by investigators during the investigation, it’s highly probable that Saucedo, wherever he is, is likely continuing his predatory behavior. Anyone with information concerning Saucedo’s whereabouts should contact authorities so Saucedo can be apprehended.