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Texas Takes The Top Spot In The NFL

LaDainian Tomlinson

These states produce the BEST NFL players, according to new data

  • Texas takes the top spot, followed by California and Pennsylvania
  • Analysis of current and historic NFL player data shows which states produce the best NFL players
  • Vermont ranks as the state that has the worst NFL players

A new study has revealed the states that produce the best NFL players.

The study by PikaKasinotSuomi analyzed the lifetime stats of current and former NFL players across every state, creating an index score factoring in the career stats of over 25,000 professional NFL players nationwide.

Texas comfortably takes the first place on the list, scoring an impressive 87.55 out of 100. LaDainian Tomlinson, former San Diego Chargers and New York Jets running back has the most touchdowns of any player in the state, with an impressive 162 touchdowns to his name.

Texas also has the highest number of former and current professional players (2,644), the most Hall of Famers from the state (36), the most combined games played of any state (136,317), as well as the most combined touchdowns of any state at 8,841.

Second place goes to California, scoring 72.36 out of 100. Marcus Allen, former running back of the Los Angeles Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs, saw by far the highest number of touchdowns of any former or current player from California, with an impressive 145. Second only to Texas in terms of the number of former and current professional players (2,618), total combined games played (134,283), as well as Total combined touchdowns (8,010), California surprisingly ranks 16th in terms of the average salary, coming in at $1,953,244.

Pennsylvania is in third place, scoring 64.31 out of 100. Pennsylvania sees the second-highest number of Hall of Famers, only two behind Texas at 34 players. Marvin Harrison holds the touchdown record for Pennsylvanian-born players with an impressive 128 throughout his career. George Blanda has the state record for most games played, with 340 games throughout his professional career.

Florida is fourth on the list, scoring 57.86 out of 100. Florida’s Emmett Smith, former running back for the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals, holds the record for the most career touchdowns, racking up 175 – the second-highest nationwide, behind Mississippi’s Jerry Rice with 208 career touchdowns.

In fifth place is Ohio, scoring 51.68 out of 100. Cris Carter, a wide receiver formerly of the Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings, and Miami Dolphins, holds the state record for the most touchdowns, accumulating 131 throughout his career.

The remainder of the top ten features Louisiana in sixth place, scoring 45.25 out of 100. Marshall Faulk holds the state touchdown record with an impressive 136 throughout his career. Peyton Manning has the state record for most career games, participating in 266.

Seventh place goes to Georgia, scoring 41.77 out of 100. Jim Brown holds the state touchdown record with 126 throughout his career.

Oklahoma takes the eighth spot on the list, scoring 40.77 out of 100. Steve Largent holds the state touchdown record with 101 throughout his career.

Virginia comes in at ninth, scoring 37.34 out of 100. Thomas Jones holds the state touchdown record with 71 throughout his career.

Illinois ranks the list in tenth place, scoring 36.83 out of 100. Bill Brown holds the state touchdown record with 76 throughout his career.

Interestingly, Vermont came last on the list, scoring zero points. Vermont came last in every section, having the lowest average salary across all Vermont-born professional NFL players, The lowest amount of total professional NFL players, having no players in the Hall of Fame, having the least amount of games played in total at 444, as well as the least amount of combined touchdowns of any state at just 16.

Rank State Index Score / 100
1. Texas 87.55
2. California 72.36
3. Pennsylvania 64.31
4. Florida 57.86
5. Ohio 51.68
6. Louisiana 45.25
7. Georgia 41.77
8. Oklahoma 40.77
9. Virginia 37.34
10. Illinois 36.82


A spokesperson for PikaKasinotSuomi commented on the findings, saying:

“Delving into the career trajectories of more than 25,000 NFL players paints a vivid picture of the varied landscapes contributing to their success. Each state seems to bring a unique flavor to the league from coast to coast.”

“This study sparks conversations about local influences, whether the high school football culture or college programs shape these athletes’ journeys. It’s a testament to the rich tapestry of talent the NFL draws from, showcasing the nation’s diverse football ecosystems.” – Parhaat Pikakasinot Suomalaisille