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Titus County COVID

Titus County reported 42 new cases in one week through this past Monday. The county received 36 of these Tuesday, and 28 were from mobile testing. Judge Brian Lee thinks they are not receiving the mobile tests daily, and they are coming in bulk, perhaps weekly. Titus Regional Medical Center continues to have only two to three patients at a time. Judge Lee asks for you to continue to be smart and monitor your well-being as well as your family members, co-workers, and employees. Anyone can be a carrier, so you should continue to utilize masking and avoid contact with others as much as possible because this is how it spreads!

Judge Brian Lee posted his personal opinions and stated there would be no City or County rules related to Halloween on Saturday (Oct 31). Many of the City’s usual local activities, schools, and churches have been canceled or modified. Check before you assume your favorite Halloween activity is open for business.

TRICK OR TREATS at home? Maybe you should reconsider your typical Halloween night activity. Close contact with lots of kids, passing candy from hand to hand, and reaching into the same container may not be the best plan. A few possible ideas are to wear a mask or a shield, wear gloves, or leave candy on the porch in limited amounts, so you don’t get wiped out. If you don’t want to participate this year, leave your lights off or let your pit bull monitor the front door.

Mom, dads, and kids, the same goes for you if you decide to walk the neighborhoods collecting candy. This year is not the safest environment, but there may be ways that you can think of to do it right. Be respectful of homes willing to hand out candy, and don’t crowd the front door. Wear a mask over your Spiderman mask! I’ll let you figure that out. You may want to consider buying a couple of bags of candy for your kids and creating a COVID-friendly Halloween in the safety of your home. There are plenty of good scary movies that mix well with lots of sugar.
Have fun, be safe, stay well. BOO !!!!