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TxDOT – Driving Is Hazardous

Winter Storm Has Passed, But Icy Hazards Still Remain

ATLANTA – TxDOT reminds drivers that although the winter storm has passed, icy road hazards remain and will probably be around a few more days. TxDOT advises citizens to stay home if at all possible as crews continue to clear roads of snow and ice. 

As warmer weather starts the thawing process, it will take a while for all the snow and ice on the roadways to melt and dry up. With the thaw, new hazards arise. Melting ice is wet, becoming even slicker and, with temps dipping back into the teens each night, any ice or water remaining on the pavement can refreeze, becoming black ice that is hard to see. 

Be aware that: 

– We are deploying all TxDOT resources with crews working around the clock, focusing on clearing higher volume corridors, such as I-20, I-30, US 59, and the roads with lower traffic volumes. 

– Although roads are not technically closed, all highways have been impacted.  

– Expect icy road hazards to last several more days, so drivers are strongly encouraged to stay at home if at all possible.  

– If citizens must get on the roadway, use extreme caution and always assume ice on the pavement, especially on bridges and overpasses. 

– Crews continue to address the roadways, but they will continue to experience freezing as temperatures drop each night.  

– Visit for updated road conditions. 

– If stranded on the road, stay in your vehicle and call 911.