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Eric Kaufman

As Drought Continnues, Texas Ranchers Opt To Reduce Their Herds

  A growing number of Texas ranchers and farmers are trimming their livestock as the persistent drought has reduced water supplies and forage for the animals. Forty-five percent of Texas is in a drought stage categorized as severe, extreme or exceptional, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

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Achille Oklahoma School District Re-opens

  The Achille Oklahoma school district re-opened Wednesday after an investigation into threatening Facebook posts targeting a 12-year-old transgender girl for using the girls’ bathroom. Arrangements have been made for the girl to use a staff restroom. No arrests have been made but the child’s mother sought a protective order ...

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Choctaw Nation Launches Drone Program

  The Choctaw Nation launches a program that will help pave the way for integrating drones into everyday life. The Choctaw tribal nation was selected in May as the first tribal nation to utilize this technology. The tribe says it is excited to promote job growth, economic development, and education ...

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Adam Talks Blake’s “Oklahoma Stank” In Today’s Nashville Insider

Adam Levine was recently promoting Yves Saint Laurent cologne when he slammed Blake Shelton. He told Entertainment Tonight; “Blake wears his own special scent. It’s called Oklahoma magic. It’s a delicate combination of manner and farm…Blake’s fragrance would be called ‘Oklahoma Stank.’…The accents would be, like, body odor, farm work, hunting…lameness.” ...

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Unopened Box Of 1999 Pokémon Cards Sells For $56,000

A box of Pokémon cards has sold for $56,000 at the Huggins & Scott Auctions. The opening bid for the 1999 unopened, first edition box of cards was $20,000. According to reports, it had a hefty price tag due to the holographic foil cards inside. A holographic Charizard card reportedly ...

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