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Texas Electric Vehicle And Public Charging Data


Alliance for Automotive Innovation reports in Q3 2023:

EVs represent 6.6 percent of new vehicle sales in Texas; 7,992 publicly available EV charging outlets

 WASHINGTON, DC – Alliance for Automotive Innovation released its exclusive 50-state analysis of the U.S. electric vehicle (EV) market for Q3 2023. The Get Connected Electric Vehicle Report summarizes EV sales and purchasing trends nationwide.

EV sales:

Nationally, EVs represented 10.1 percent of overall light-duty vehicle sales in Q3 2023 – up from 9.1 percent in Q2 2023 and 7.1 percent in Q3 2022.

Texas: The market share of new EV sales in Texas was 6.6 percent in Q3 2023 – up from 5.8 percent in Q2 2023 and 4.9 percent in Q3 2022.

Public EV charging:

Nationally, there are 4 million EVs on the road and 151,303 publicly available charging outlets in the U.S. – a ratio of 26 EVs for every public port. It includes 34,611 DC Fast chargers, which charge battery-powered electric vehicles in 20 minutes to one hour.

Texas: There are 227,310 EVs on the road in Texas and 7,992 publicly available charging outlets – a ratio of 28 EVs for every public port. It includes 2,055 DC Fast chargers. Texas ranks 39th in the ratio of EVs to public chargers.

Public EV charging still lags:

Nationally, nearly 1.1 million more public chargers (950,000 Level 2 and 147,000 DC Fast) are required to meet the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s necessary infrastructure estimate for 2030.

  •  Put another way, they must install 414 chargers daily for the next 7.2 years – or nearly three chargers every 10 minutes – through the end of 2030.

Alliance for Automotive Innovation’s Get Connected Electric Vehicle Report is released quarterly and is the most comprehensive state-level analysis of the U.S. EV market.

About Alliance for Automotive Innovation

Alliance for Automotive Innovation represents the full auto industry, a sector supporting 10 million American jobs and five percent of the economy, from the manufacturers producing most vehicles sold in the U.S. to autonomous vehicle innovators, equipment suppliers, battery producers, and semiconductor makers. Active in Washington, D.C., and all 50 states, the association is committed to a cleaner, safer, and smarter personal transportation future.